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Why Chinese Males are less hairy and less brawny

Posted by bert5 on 8 February 2014

Chinese culture appears to be more chauvinistic and female suppressing than average in the world. For example, during Song dynasty many women’s feet were bound and basically crippled. It was said to enhance beauty, but it also meant women were completely dependent on men and could also not run away easily.

Also from Wikipedia: “In China, arranged marriages (baoban hunyin, 包辦婚姻) – sometimes called blind marriages (manghun, 盲婚) – were the norm before mid 20th century. A marriage was a negotiation and decision between parents and other older members of two families. The boy and girl, were typically told to get married, without a right to consent [emphasis mine], even if they had never met with each other until the wedding day.” In combination with male chauvinism, I believe women had little influence on who they married and had children with and because of physical impediments they may have been unlikely to cuckold their husbands.

So say we accept at face value that Chinese culture is more chauvinistic and arranged (actually: forced) marriages were very common. What does this mean to selection — in an evolutionary sense? It means the Chinese man did not have to prove himself worthy to the woman in a physical sense for many hundreds or even thousands of years. I believe this is significant.

Elsewhere in the world, men would prove themselves to women in terms of size, strength and physical attractiveness (not to mention courageousness and chivalry). But in China, men would not have to show these traits. And because of this, the genes for these traits were not selected for and exited the gene pool. What came in its place, perhaps genes that would appeal to parents (mostly the father, in such a paternalistic society) making matches: obedience, diligence, and perhaps brains. While these attributes are great, they don’t compete as well today when Asian women have ability to select for pools which are stronger for other very important or even overriding attributes.

Over time, even Chinese males began to appear more feminine and youthful as only attractive female appearance traits were heavily selected in an evolutionary sense.

The Chinese can only perhaps fault themselves. Their sons cannot compete well for mates outside of China, but their daughters do exceptionally well.

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What’s up with white guys with (east) asian girls

Posted by bert5 on 13 July 2010

I know at least one asian guy who is very bothered by this, and a few others at least puzzled by it.  It seems that most of the interracial (heterosexual) couplings between asians and whites are of the white male, asian female variety and not the other way around (though I definitely know some counter-examples).  [Edit: See this for % rather than income]

I previously had a theory on this, but what reminded me of this topic is some new scientific data on why this might be: a stressful environment causes men to look for mates with different genetic background, ostensibly to have offspring with better survivability.  Of course, one might assume this applies to asian males as well.  It then follows for this to be true that white males must be under more stress than asian males (could it be the peaceful Buddha-like outlook?).  Since I don’t believe that last part, I think I must fall back on my previous theory which I will now explain.

East asians are known for their rounder facial features, slim body types, and being somewhat shorter than Caucasians.  Of course there are counter-examples, but let’s assume everyone agrees this is true.  All of these traits unfortunately run against the asian male being selected by a white female, and we all know the females call the shots in modern heterosexual life.  In studies, females generally like men to be tall.  There are studies which show that a shorter male has to make significantly more money (talking in the range of $150k+ more) to be equal in attractiveness to a significantly taller male.  Now let’s take the round face thing.  Asians in general look youthful perhaps because their generally darker skin is better protected from sun exposure, but also because of their rounded facial features.  This is a benefit to asian women because they look younger than they actually are.  It is well known that men generally like younger women because youth is associated with being more fertile.  But women like dominant looking men.  Generally this is marked by testosterone fueled features, like heavy bones, strong jaws, angled noses and thicker, heavier facial and body hair.  Here even if asian men have normal testosterone levels they are disadvantaged by their rounded features, slim frame, and sparse body hair as a genetic starting point.  And so, many asian males are doomed by their genetics plain and simple.  [Why are Asian males less physically impressive?]

All of these physical attributes led me to my conclusion several years ago as to why the white guy asian girl matchup seemed to happen more than the other way around.  Now please feel free to comment on my brilliance.  [Before despairing, what silver lining there may be is that women are not so totally into looks as men are.  So, if straight asian males were to acquire some compensating factors like fancy car, watch, clothing, confident attitude perhaps all is not lost.]

Later on, I came across another article about how women tended to chose men with different immune defenses than their own — based on smell (presumably if all other aspects were equal, studliness, height, status, etc).  This is analogous to the argument made above about men under stress: while this explains the leaning asian women may have toward interracial mates, it still begs the question of why asian guys aren’t seemingly pursued by white females with equal fervor for the same reason.

On top of the genetics argument, there is one other thing.  East asians in the Americas (and Europe) are a minority.  It is fairly well documented in sociology texts that those of minority races tend to have lesser status than those in a majority.  It is also somewhat understood that women tend to view status as important in men, if only in consideration of the environment the prospective children would encounter.  So asian males are disadvantaged here too.

# # #

What does this all mean for gay matchups?  Not much exciting or unexpected happens there, but I leave it as a logical exercise for the reader.  Hint: George Takei.

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