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Levitt asks why atheist books sell

Posted by bert5 on 5 August 2007

Link He doesn’t get it. Of course he hasn’t bothered to read the books. How typical. Levitt says to give God a break — we’ve done that for too many years, and I think it’s time to stop. I have just finished reading The God Delusion by Dawkins. He believed it was necessary to write to defend evolution. People read it because there is a unfulfilled need to be able to criticize religion. There are probably a lot of atheists out there who are tired of being pushed around by the theists (religious) and the ways they cheat in arguments. Religion gets shielding from all sides from criticism and scrutiny and even in law. Agnostics are partly at fault as well for being nice and refusing to argue for any side. Science gets no such advantage that religion does. I’ve written a review of The God Delusion (link).

An old post (or rant) of mine along the lines of God Delusion.

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Link Levitt apparently received so many comments on his blog that he realized that readers of his blog we’re probably mostly atheists. One well written comment.

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