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Two Gay Drama Queens, One Gay Hero

Posted by bert5 on 11 August 2010

Steven Slater: the Jet blue flight attendant who had enough of rude passengers.

Bradley Manning: the army pfc who irresponsibly leaked a ton of secret US documents about Afghanistan.

Not very outstanding examples of the gay community.

The weird thing is how quickly it was revealed that these guys are gay.  Could it be a new media bias toward revealing people’s sexuality if they do something bad, but not revealing it if they do something good?

Along the same lines, it was not widely revealed that Judge Vaughn Walker was gay, until after his ruling when Prop 8 opponents rationalized the ruling against them because of it.  I haven’t heard too many wildly complimentary articles on Walker.  I wonder if it might be because he isn’t a straight.  I guess I straight guy coming to Walker’s conclusion might speak more directly to impartiality, and nominally straight oriented, but liberal media would have embraced him more heartily and hailed him as a hero.  It’s surprising to me that he hasn’t been treated that way.

But I think Walker is a great hero, no matter what happens down the road with the appeals.  Walker went for 136 pages to describe the evidence and conclusions to make an ironclad case for unconstitutionality of Prop 8 and in fact any barriers to same-sex marriage.

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