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The gay male and his genes benefit society

Posted by bert5 on 22 August 2017

What’s good for society in having gay males around?

Some discussions have centered around the fact that gay uncles take care of nieces and nephews since a gay uncle is less likely to have kids of his own. But that’s still somewhat self interested in that helping nieces and nephews helps his own genes at 1/4 match per child.

How about more generally?

I think gay males and their genes are a glue actually. Gay males generally like other males and spending time with them. Everyone knows the many male anti-social behaviors such as being hyper competitive, wanting to beat others to a pulp to gain power, and other Machiavellian and criminal behaviors. I think gay males and related genes help even straight males to see beauty in other males, to be attracted to the well spoken and charming ones, and to be more willing to cooperate rather than beat each other down.

Seen in this way, gay genes might just be a civilizing influence — the building block of male friendships and camaraderie.

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