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Gays and Evolution: Exclusive focus on opposite sex is detrimental

Posted by bert5 on 26 November 2014

You all know the straight guy, a player, who has next to no male friends. He’s only interested in female companionship. It gets a bit lonely for some bits. It just seems like it might be detrimental to be too far extreme in the lack of any same-sex interests for survival advantage. It helps to have some same-sex (male) allies to be on your side to fight others in a dangerous world. This leads to the idea that homosexuality is a variation, albeit a fairly extreme one where it essentially replaces opposite sex interests. I think this is a ‘nice’ theory, but not terribly convincing as a full explanation.

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Grower vs Shower

Posted by bert5 on 23 November 2014

In cold climates and waters, penile shrinkage actually prevents heat loss and might have led to survival advantage. My guess this was an evolutionary development.

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