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Give a child approval, and he will learn to like himself

Posted by bert5 on 7 October 2011

I happened past a small sign placed in the front of an architectural firm downtown, and it had a list of about ten statements along these lines like: Give a child criticism, and he will be a cynic.  They alternated being positive and negative and then I came to the one which is the title of this post: “Give a child approval, and he will learn to like himself”.

The reason I highlight this one is because I think it’s likely often true.  And it hit upon a topic which has been recently on my mind again about bullying and suicide.  A child needs encouragement and approval.  I worry about gay teens which get little or no approval.  Perhaps I am pointing my finger in the wrong direction, but parents could be lukewarm in their support about their child being gay.  If they are badly informed about innateness of homosexuality, they may secretly hope that bullying the kid receives in school would change their child.  They may provide conditional love.  We’ll only love you if you change to be ‘normal’.

Sometimes when parents point fingers elsewhere, I wonder about whether the parents did all they could.  Obviously if they had unlimited resources, they could move to another place where being a gay teen is better accepted.  But obviously this kind of remedy is only available to the most committed and wealthy of parents.  Still, being supportive parents should be able to do a lot to help shield a child from bullying and suicide.

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