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Wives don’t wonder whether their husbands are gay over the holidays

Posted by bert5 on 29 December 2010

A quick check of the visitor stats on my 4 year old blog post on the topic which still gets visits fairly regularly sees big lulls over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe it’ll come back after New Years…

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Height and gayness

Posted by bert5 on 15 December 2010

If studies of male homosexuality are to be believed, you are more likely to be gay if you have more older brothers.  This implies that if you are gay your birth order number is likely to be greater than the normal population.  Birth order has been found to relate slightly to height to the tune of up to 1-2 cm less for later offspring.

Another piece of data which I gleaned from Simon LeVay’s recent book: Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why was that in one study gay males tended to have smaller limb versus trunk ratios.  The reason for this could perhaps be earlier puberty.  Limbs tended to grow more before puberty and trunk grows more after puberty.  (The later the onset of puberty, the more chance you had to grow longer limbs.)  Or it could be less sex hormones (testosterone).

A separate Canadian study found that gay males tended to be shorter and lighter than straight males.

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