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American Dark Ages

Posted by bert5 on 11 October 2009

I was reading ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ by Richard Dawkins, and there is a depressing part of the book which talks about the 40% or more of Americans which do not believe in evolution.  It also states that this number has been very stable since 1982.  I also read an article recently about a Pew survey of 4013 adults which says that 49% of Americans think being gay is immoral.

The disbelief, mistrust and misunderstanding of something so basic like evolution seems to me a dangerous portent.  How is that the number has not reduced in more than 25 years?  Are evangelical Christians just getting started or have they reached their peak?  My own prediction is that things will get worse.  In the near term, there will be years of unemployment and hardship (partly caused by a lag effect of the eight Bush years of mismanagement) will push many into the arms of the church for aid where they and their children will be indoctrinated in creationist belief.  Get enough of the population into those churches and this will bring what I call a Dark Age of middle America where science is mistrusted and misunderstood and more and more television news channels become variants of Fox News because companies need viewers and those will be the easiest viewers to court and influence with advertising.

Everyone says it is inevitable that generational change will happen and along with it a new liberalism about gays.  But I guess I haven’t been tracking the generational data, I’m not so sure it’s inevitable, especially in middle America.  Along with the above, it seems churches may make a strong resurgence and with it may come a reversal of the trend towards liberalism.

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