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Should a gay guy shave?

Posted by bert5 on 8 August 2008

I was getting some search term hits on this question to another blog entry. But I think this is a common question or issue from straight guys.  Some of my straight guy friends ask me: why don’t you shave?

Now, it’s not that I have had a serious beard ever — East asian genes has made that difficult (not impossible though it might take a month) —  but usually I just let things go for a half week and there’s a bit of fuzz.  And actually I think it looks okay, not something I would do when meeting the Queen of England perhaps.  But it hides some imperfect skin and makes me look a bit more rugged.

I think many straight guys tend to shave religiously themselves and think not shaving looks unattractive.  And of course it does — to them.  I mean let’s face it, they are attracted to women.  Women with facial hair might have hormonal problems.  It’s probably wise for guys to not waste much time with such women.  And so, in their perhaps well meaning, yet incredibly feeble attempt to put themselves in my shoes, they think, immediately, that I would look more attractive if I shaved.  Their primitive brains haven’t yet fully grasped the concept that I like guys who like guys.  And guys who like guys, like them with at least some testosterone — facial hair is a positive indicator of that.

Seriously, it’s dumb to listen to straight guys for grooming advice, if you’re gay.   I mean there’s no straight eye for the gay guy.

Now if a straight guy is so desperate as to consider ‘converting’ — well nigh impossible, imho — , but he’s saying something like he’d do it with you if you looked like a girl and shaved, then this guy is a total loser.  I mean he can’t even get a girl interested in him, so he’s trying to get a gay guy to look like a girl for him.  Get as far away as you can from this guy immediately.

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A Psychology Today article talks about a small study of women’s preference in male facial hair.  It seems light stubble is preferred (full on beard is seen as too aggressive).  This highlights a case where women and gay men have similar taste!

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Then again, perhaps I misinterpreted the search terms.  A new one has come up saying something like “I’m gay, what should I shave?”  Uh, hmmm, personally I think the best solution for a gay guy (straight guy too) is the middle ground on the pubic hair.

This brings to mind something else.  There are some straight guys and perhaps a minority of gay guys, who do the so called ‘porn’ thing and wax their entire upper bodies, thinking this is an awesome look.  For similar reasons to above this doesn’t suit my taste really either. Again contrary to straight guy reasoning, body hair is attractive on a man.

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[There is also the figurative meaning of this question.  A ‘beard’ is a closeted gay man’s wife or girlfriend.  I leave answering that question for another post.]


One Response to “Should a gay guy shave?”

  1. fixator said

    I agree. Also the metrosexual types who think they have a perfect eye for how a man should look!
    Once again an entertaining post!

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