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Gays, Evolution: Teamwork, Sacrifice

Posted by bert5 on 15 April 2008

I was watching the recent Nature (PBS) shows about mating and what females want, and what males will do (or something like that title). There was an interesting segment about some male desert lizards. ‘Blue’ lizards apparently gang up to win females. They are supposedly genetically close, so that if one succeeds in mating it is helping to both. One of the males is willing even to sacrifice himself to allow his friend or brother to succeed. Without teamwork, the blue lizards don’t stand much chance against the bigger (older?) orange lizards of the same species. I was thinking that there could be a human analogy. We know that younger brothers tend to be disproportionately gay. Could this be a reproductive strategy to counter ‘larger’ sized male genes and older males who tend to be bigger and Read the rest of this entry »

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Little indications: gaydar

Posted by bert5 on 6 April 2008

A single woman does not care how she looks, for example, has short hair. She might be a lesbian (or a very clueless straight girl). The disheveled looks do much to deter men from pursuit, but mean less to most lesbians. On the other hand, if a girl cares about her looks, it may not mean she is definitely straight (it’s just more likely).

A single woman who spends some time trying to gain status, say buy an expensive car, live in an expensive area or have a prestigious career, might be a lesbian, or just a confused straight woman. Men tend to not be attracted to women more ambitious or who make more money then they do.

Note: single woman is key here, as a married woman has more and different reasons for doing the two items above.

A rich single guy owns a low status car, like say a beat up Corolla. Read the rest of this entry »

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