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Details mag: size matters

Posted by bert5 on 24 February 2008

OhLaLaMag pointed this out: [Details Provocateur]  (Article has gone missing, or at least the link is dead.)

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Settling vs Man of my dreams, according to mag author

Posted by bert5 on 18 February 2008

[The Atlantic] This article theoretically has tangential relationship to me, but yet had some resonance. I have no insight into the article’s premise that most single older women want to be married and have children. But if I go along with that train of thought, the conclusions arrived at by the author seem unavoidable. So for girls there is a certain amount of trading off of the teenage “Damn, he’s fine. I’d like to get in those pants” over time with “Even though I cringe at sex with him, he makes good money and doesn’t hit me even if he’s angry”. And always there’s that clock running theme. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but the author herself admits that for women who want children, the choices do seem to get progressively worse. She says that you should decide to settle for ‘good enough’ earlier say at 25 or 30, when your good enough is still pretty good. When a woman gets to 35 or 40, good enough becomes a series of choices between bad alternatives. She thought she had a trump card by having a child through sperm donation first, but seems to look back on that perhaps with a bit of regret as she is having an understandably hard time of single parenting and her plan to find a mate to help her out. It is — at least on the face of it — a less than enticing situation for potential suitors with other prospects to raise some other man’s child.

One funny part is how she suggests that if children are the goal, marrying a possibly gay man is better than marrying no one at all (her present situation). She even seems to hint Read the rest of this entry »

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Russell Crowe disrespected on Leno?

Posted by bert5 on 15 February 2008

On Leno last night — the first night back with writers after the strike — the big white trash guest (promoting some slapstick comedy movie) appearing after Crowe seemed to slyly insult Crowe at every turn. Perhaps it was just good natured ribbing. But Crowe seemed to be moderately upset by the end. The thing is Crowe is really a crank. Maybe I’m totally putting my own weird spin on the happenings, but Crowe is a pretty short guy with a big ego and a short temper, and some people — okay, I, would like to see him lose it on camera — like he did with the hotel phone in NY.

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Lefties for President

Posted by bert5 on 8 February 2008

Okay, I just saw Obama use his left hand to write something on tv. And then I noticed that McCain was wearing his watch on his right hand. Someone has written a little piece on Helium on why — being a lefty — Obama would be better as President. Obama is a bit of a closet lefty though since he wears his watch on the left. Perhaps he’s following Bill Clinton, who also wore his watch on the left despite being a lefty.

The last lefty Republican President was G. H.W. Bush. Is this an indication of the success of a McCain Presidency? I’m convinced that if W. was lefty he would’ve gained the respective IQ Read the rest of this entry »

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Oxycontin dangerous: Heath and others

Posted by bert5 on 6 February 2008

BBC I hadn’t heard about oxycontin until last year when my high school friend died from a combination of oxycontin and alcohol. And it’s clear from Heath’s case that oxycontin doesn’t seem to go well with other prescription drugs either. Doctors prescribing oxycontin to young male patients should give it a second thought, I think, as it is addictive and easily subject to abuse. Obviously desperate addicts will find a way around the good doctors though. Oxycontin contains oxycodone.

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Brain hemispheres, Gays?

Posted by bert5 on 5 February 2008

There is something specific about left and right brained-ness which doesn’t fit about my previous theory [this post], not least of which is that on several of these brain tests, I land sort of in the middle. In fact, I sort of lean towards left brained-ness. Of course, I wonder at the effectiveness of these tests, because the language function has been known to move from one side of the brain to the other. So how does the test know based on the person’s responses whether a person who’s functions have flipped to the other side is physically dominant on the ‘side’ corresponding to the answers? Perhaps, just semantics, perhaps not. Another hole is that supposedly right brained people are terrible at spelling, and I know some terrible spellers who are straight.

# # #

I remember some sparse details from a Technology Review article on language development. The human brain is asymmetric. With better functioning ones having portions handling language located on one side or the other — presumably for efficiency and the faster processing which language requires. For right-handed folks, almost always this is the left side. For left-handed folks, it is only 60% of the time on the left side.

# # #

And then there was an article about a genetic link between left handedness and schizophrenia. I seem to recall that males tend to have schizophrenia more often than females. Then I recall that this might be because men need to differentiate themselves from the crowd by taking risks and gaining status, and genes that support the divergence of brain capability: some geniuses, but some real idiots, might actually have been rewarded in the past.

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