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A traveler gives 10 tips on airline travel

Posted by bert5 on 12 November 2007

BLM  I don’t fly a lot.  At least not commercial.  But if you do, this guy writes some useful tips.

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Writer’s strike — good timing

Posted by bert5 on 10 November 2007

Ah, so self-centered these thoughts.  But I’ve no time for watching any TV lately.  So the strike is just at about the right time for me — to bad for you couch potato sops.  And as a sort of writer myself, I think they really deserve more money.  And it’s true writing makes or breaks entertainment, excepting game/reality shows.  Sure, actors can ad-lib a few lines or even jokes, but they’re actually writers when they do that.

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Movie music in character

Posted by bert5 on 10 November 2007

There’s a track of the Quinceanera soundtrack named Carlos which in some way seems to perfectly describe the Carlos character of the movie. Perhaps its just the typical movie and music association, but here something seems so very apt. The driving beat and the character’s way of walking and attitude match up well.

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