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Folsom Street Fair

Posted by bert5 on 30 September 2007

Joseph Folsom has a lake and town near Sacramento and a street in San Francisco named after him, but perhaps he might not be so happy that his name is also lent to a world famous gay leather fair in San Francisco. And what a fair it is. Better than Halloween because it’s during the day and visibility is obviously better and you can get a tan at the same time — in fact, I got burnt. Plenty of folks walking around with very little on. Unfortunately, many naked folks are unappealing to look at — fat, wrinkly, or have skin aberrations. The attractive folk generally are shirtless but more covered up below, but still, it’s fun to see porn stars in person and even get autographs. For photos from this year, go to my picasaweb album: FolsomStreetFair . Forgot to mention, the album is most definitely NSFW!

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Weight increase

Posted by bert5 on 29 September 2007

How is it that I gained 5 lbs in a couple weeks, but before that it took me about 6 months to lose it?   Seems so unfair, but it’s the downside of expensed meals.

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Weak ties valuable

Posted by bert5 on 26 September 2007

Link Psychology today has an article about the benefits of city life expanding horizons and interactions and it makes the point that weak ties or acquaintances are important. I admit I’d often thought there was something suspicious about maintaining such relationships.  Without the importance of a full fledged friendship, these were too vulnerable to the vagaries of time and neglect and perhaps not worth investing in.  I felt that when people said: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, it was a stick in the eye of objectiveness as well as something terribly machiavellian about it. But I’m getting turned around to the idea that it’s to everyone’s mutual interest to have not only friends but acquaintances.  At the very least, it encourages information sharing and this benefits all, but it can pitch in for companionship when friends are scarce.

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Something many will never know: the social benefits of running

Posted by bert5 on 24 September 2007

NYT Well, actually, I haven’t been running in a group for a very long time. But really it’s kind of strange that you can get to know people pretty well between breaths.

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Dutch painting at the Met

Posted by bert5 on 18 September 2007

NYT  Maybe still worth a visit despite this critical review.

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Hearing impairment from loud noise exposure

Posted by bert5 on 18 September 2007

NYT  I think I’m going to get me some noise canceling headphones.  It’s worth saving my hearing.

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Left handedness decreased, then rebounded

Posted by bert5 on 17 September 2007

NYT  Looking at old movies, apparently left-handedness was once in decline, but has since rebounded.

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Women who play medal of honor improve spotting unusual objects in field of view

Posted by bert5 on 16 September 2007

Economist   There’s no innate difference between the sexes in this particular spacial ability after all.

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Way to start the day

Posted by bert5 on 11 September 2007

I am listening to the book on tape: Palestine, Peace not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter.  While it’s informative, it also depresses me.  I need to stop, but I’m kind of hooked.  Hopefully I can finish it quickly.

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YouTube censorship appears to encourage homophobia

Posted by bert5 on 10 September 2007

Link According to this article, a brief gay kiss video was removed, but a gay bashing video stayed. Oh yeah, YouTube is owned by Google… (!)

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Bank troubles spread: credit housing economy intertwined

Posted by bert5 on 8 September 2007

BW / Economist Seems what I previously hypothesized about jobs may have come to pass. But was it expected? Perhaps, says NYT.

# aug 16 post below

Link I would think that financial companies are the ones with the most trouble, having the actual bad loans on the books. But the general market place is taking a very serious beating right now. I guess the idea is that the overall economy is going to be hurt with the scarcity of money and credit. I wonder how bad this is going to be. Perhaps the market needs to unwind the whole easy money mentality of the past decade in this one summer.

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Folsom, CA

Posted by bert5 on 6 September 2007

People are so friendly in this town even in prison.

But I was in the popular local Japanese joint (Mikuni Sushi) and a middle-aged woman neighbor at the bar kept trying to make conversation. She was with her brother. Of course, conversation is something which I am very poor at, but I tried to avoid being rude. The woman was attempting to set me up with her 22 year old daughter who happens to live in the Bay Area. I have never wished to be other than what I am (okay, maybe a couple times in middle school, but how could I deny the happiness of staring — or rather, furtive glances — at Paul Lemire), but here is a situation which I simply couldn’t take advantage of. The lady’s brother assured me his niece was a looker. I was flattered, but managed to finish my meal and get out of there before causing a scene by asking whether the lady has a son and if so, whether he is hot, too.

But you know it’s not like this hasn’t happened before to me — and in the right way.

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