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NY Mag: Married, but gay: living a double life

Posted by bert5 on 23 July 2007

Link This article was kind of interesting. I think it sort of demonstrates the kind of person one had to be to fight the tide and come out of the closet — someone with more courage and introspection than this fellow. I think at least up until several years ago when gayness went more mainstream and became more accepted, this was a big hump. Even my own coming out was a difficult thing, but I’m somewhat younger.  Snippet from the article below:

Me: Is there less guilt now than there used to be?
Him: Not really, always the same. I rationalize a lot, I guess.
Me: What’s the rationalization?
Him: If I didn’t do this from time to time I would most likely go crazy. It’s like a release.

The guy says he needs something on the side to survive, just to get through, to function. I guess I can understand that. In fact, recently, I thought I heard someone say something similar, but not in this context. Hmmm…


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