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My bicycle accidents

Posted by bert5 on 29 April 2007

Was biking on my new Schwinn today and had a crash — all by myself. No one else was involved. I was biking through a deserted parking lot, and I hit a speed bump at full speed completely unaware it was there. Over the bar and hit the pavement with my palms and rolled. The surprising thing is that I got up with hardly a scratch. And even the bike was fine. My lucky day.

I’ve had bike accidents before all varying degrees worse than this one. At least a couple in college at low speed with other bikers. All of those were without a helmet.

Then there was the one at squaw valley going downhill mountain biking. A raspberry, skinned thigh, arms and elbows. That was pretty bad.

Actually I think the weight of the bike matters in a crash. If it’s light, it’s easy to push out of the way or prevent it from falling on you and causing more complications. Not landing on rocks is also helpful.

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