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Dominance position

Posted by bert5 on 25 October 2006

I read somewhere that putting your hands behind your head and leaning back in your chair is a dominance position when interacting with another person. I realized that I was doing that a fair amount. Weird.

I wonder if that is why psychologists ask you to lean back on a sofa to talk.


Does this is applies to sex too?  Any position where you get to put your hands behind your head and lean back counts as a dominance position?  Well, I don’t think so.  There might be at least one exception.

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Christiane Amanpour talk at Stanford

Posted by bert5 on 18 October 2006

Just attended her appearance for the Inaugural Daniel Pearl Memorial lecture. Introduced by Pearl’s friends and parents who sponsor the lecture and speaking largely without notes, Amanpour started by discussing Danny Pearl, a journalist working for the Wall Street Journal investigating links between Al Qaeda and Pakastani intelligence when he was kidnapped and subsequently killed when the US refused to meet his kidnappers demands in 2002. (Wikipedia entry) She went on to address a wide range of issues of current interest, including Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Africa, Al Jazeera, new media (blogging) as well as the new dangers and threats to international journalism as head of CNN International. She certainly has star power, and the audience was wowed by her knowledge, experience and charm. I was entranced by her wonderful British accent and deep distinctive voice. I also realized that she is quite tall, perhaps 6 foot or maybe more — something you might not really notice on tv.

As a very thoughtful observer of the Middle East, many questions in the Q&A asked her opinion of what needed and needs to be done in Iraq. Based on her Bosnia experience, she believed that civil war could have been averted in Iraq from the start, but it needed sufficient personnel and open dialog between the opposing sides. Even now she still advocates this approach of laying everything on the table for negotiations among insurgents and the US and other interested parties, though the seeming inevitable devolution to chaos left her without other suggestions. She made a similar recommendation to further talks on North Korea and Iran, stating how can we complain about the results if we only act and speak through surrogates — in the case of Iran through Europe and in the case of North Korea through China.

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N. Korea better headline for Republicans?

Posted by bert5 on 17 October 2006

It’s a distraction from the daily casualty reports from Iraq.

— updated 10/17

Based on Amanpour’s talk, she indicated she believed the Administration was at fault for this as well — citing the unwillingness of the Americans to engage the North Koreans.  That despite the State department’s beliefs, that just talking with the North Koreans would show the US to be weak, if it ended up resolving the issue, it would be seen as a victory.

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Posted by bert5 on 16 October 2006

Just do it.

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A country with WMD isn’t invaded

Posted by bert5 on 12 October 2006

It’s interesting that Bush says he won’t invade North Korea even though it claims it has a nuclear weapon and says it’s done a nuclear test.  He suspects Iraq has WMD, but weapons inspectors do not find any.  He invades anyway.  North Korea does a nuclear test, and he doesn’t invade.

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Destruction of Elephant society

Posted by bert5 on 12 October 2006

Link  Apparently, the pressure and killing of adult elephants leads to too much young single parenting, anti-social teenagers, and much more conflict with humans.

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Eggs for dinner?

Posted by bert5 on 12 October 2006

Link  As lazy as I am to do any sort of cooking, I am up for cooking eggs.

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Jaguars in New Mexico

Posted by bert5 on 10 October 2006

The cats have been observed in the Southwest crossing from Mexico. I didn’t think we really had big dangerous animals in North America except bears. But this article mentions how one 200lb jaguar killed a dog and quickly injured several others. I was amazed. Jaquar with rosettes

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