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Humans and Chimps — mixed 2 times

Posted by bert5 on 18 May 2006

Evolution does bring some interesting realities. Humans really are just one species of animal. NYTimes article

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80 Million Americans Smoke or Eat too much

Posted by bert5 on 11 May 2006

Maybe they should have published this earlier…

A story at Yahoo! News says 80 million Americans smoke or are obese. That’s a hell of a lot of people. Nearly 40% of the adult population.

Slightly related story: Genetic markers for increased risk of heart attacks found in study.

— updated 5/22

Many Americans do not receive basic care which would prolong their lives.

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Trackback for BBM review

Posted by bert5 on 8 May 2006

Read my review of Brokeback Mountain here.

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“NewsMax” isn’t news

Posted by bert5 on 1 May 2006

I subscribed to a magazine since it was free, but not really knowing what it was. About 90% of free magazines are actually pretty good. Even Maxim, FHM with their scantily clad women has some interesting stuff in it for me, like movie reviews and stupid, but entertaining, guy stuff. But this magazine is really right-wing propaganda in disguise. They throw in a few AP articles to make it appear to be news. But 80% of it is conservative opinion pieces. All the pictures (the writers or the topics of articles) are of fat white guys or severe looking white women. Despite my liking to hear the other side of the argument, after reading a few and running into a Dr. Laura byline, I had to throw the thing in recycling. They throw the word ‘liberal’ around like a swear word. And there is the usual fear mongering and premature claims of success in Iraq. I guess I’ll keep the free subscription in the hopes it will prevent other innocents from reading it and getting depressed about how reactionary and revisionist and stupid the rest of America has become.

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