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A trip to Arizona

Posted by bert5 on 24 December 2005

As it happens, I recently had to fly to Arizona as a courier. As I don’t have a cell (no real reason to justify the expense of one), I’m not the ideal candidate to do this sort of thing… In my home airport, after getting paged 2-3 times to call someone in Az, I managed to use a pay phone — which now appear to only allow local calling — to attempt to call, but got a busy signal as well ran out of change because of my use of calling card (counts as a call even if it’s busy). Of course it turns out later, it wasn’t anything important at all or anything which couldn’t be handled by e-mail earlier. It’s amazing how cell phones are now taken for granted.

At the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, my Hertz club gold of course didn’t go through (darn those travel agents), so I had to wait in line for a car. After doing my pickup at around 1am, arrive at my hotel. Not a bad place, but it turns out I didn’t set the alarm clock right and didn’t bother to ask for wakeup call. I wake up about 30 minutes later than I intend. Rush out, check out, and grab OJ and a donut. I drive like a maniac in the wrong direction, meanwhile getting the hiccups from the acidic OJ and greasy/starchy donut combo. My stomach starts to complain about the hiccup pulsing, I’m about to barf, proceed to do so, and then pull over to sort of dispose of the output, drink some water and cleanup a bit.

I get to the end of the road which already is the wrong one and figure out I’m lost and went the wrong way. The Celica is not bad for acceleration. I’m glancing back and forth from road to map and finally figure out I went parallel to the freeway I was supposed to take — luckily getting me closer to the airport rather than farther away.

Driving like a crazed madman, I go 60 between lights, just a tad over the limit. Looks like everyone is doing the same though — Tempe seems like a college town or somethin’. Rental return and then sprint through the airport. Of course the line at security is humongous, I’ll never make my flight. I give a desperate plea to the person manning the wheelchair/latecomer bypass (my nomenclature) — a faster, but still not empty line. He looks at me skeptically for a moment and then lets me go. I say thanks, I think, and barely make my flight.

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An example of trackbacks (and pingbacks?)

Posted by bert5 on 16 December 2005

If I write something about another blog here, say Pietro’s blog. Pietro’s blog might show that in the comments. Well, that’s what happened on the Freakonomics blog. At first, a bit alarming, but now it makes sense.

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Freakonomics authors make a big blunder (maybe)

Posted by bert5 on 13 December 2005

First of all, they are using wordpress software which is fine and dandy. However, they recently wrote an article in the NYTimes entitled Changing Teams about people’s apparent change in sexual orientation due to economic pressures which seems to me all wrong. Anyway, the comments on their blog including my own seem to cover the bases for them.

The author of the paper upon which the study is based has come forward to defend his study in a separate posting. In the main, the defense is the study was truly anonymous; subjects should have felt safe to reveal their homosexual behaviors. Admittedly, sexual behavior is a difficult topic to study. Even Kinsey seems to have had the opposite problem. 10% of his male subjects were homosexual. Today the ‘actual’ number seems to have come down to around 6%. Perhaps there is a gene/mechanism in operation which says only one sibling is gay. Already, there is a correlation in other studies increasing the chances of male son being gay if he is second or subsequent male born. Since most people don’t have that many children these days, perhaps this is sufficient to make a one per household sort of situation. Maybe the study was correct after all…

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Should be in bed

Posted by bert5 on 9 December 2005

Needed to finish burning a CD, and so had to stay up. Will regret tomorrow.

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Can’t get over the big font (or at least it was big until I changed style templates)

Posted by bert5 on 8 December 2005

Jeez, it’s huge. Love it.

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